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Very bad experience at the Black Bull Pub in Calgary, Alberta
Written by Santosh Bungay   
Friday, 02 September 2011 21:07

The Black Bull Pub had awful food and we'll never go back again.

Seven of us went to the Black Bull Pub today (Friday September 2, 2011) at lunch and we had a terrible experience!

First, the food took 45 minutes to arrive and it wasn't that busy. The calamari was stringy and tough. The medium steak sandwich was in fact well done. Another steak sandwich which was supposed to be medium was actually medium rare (in name only). This, and another "medium rare" steak sandwich were in fact medium. The chicken parmigana with spaghetti was dry and the spaghetti did not taste good. The fries were so-so, the burger was good. The french onion soup was good as well - this, at least, I liked. The rest of the food was only edible and as my friend told the waitress regarding the food when he paid "it wasn't cooked but I didn't care, I was too hungry".

We told the manager of our concern and he was more defensive about the situtation and he thanked us for our feedback without even offering us a discount. We told him we were not there to get a free meal but we work hard for our money and we want him to know how bad our experience was.

When we got back to the office we felt that there was no customer service from the manager and he didn't really care to hear our concerns considering how little he had to say other than be defensive. We called back to contact the owner and got the manager who told us there were 6 owners. We then told him that he didn't handle our situtation well and we were not happy and wanted to tell the owners. He then went on to say:
1. We were rude to the server.
2. We told the server the food was good.
3. One of the party party appologized to the server for our complaints.

We were not rude. We did not tell the server the food was good - why would we be complaining? And what my friend had said was, as above,  "it wasn't cooked but I didn't care, I was too hungry" - this is definitely not an appology.

So the manager is still being defensive and now trying to blame us for our experience.

We work for Foremost Industries with over 200 employees. A large number of us frequent the Black Bull Pub and I will make sure that everyone that I talk to at work or outside hears of our experience.

We would have felt better if the manager had handled our concerns a bit better.

Last Updated on Friday, 02 September 2011 21:15
It's been a while...
Written by Santosh Bungay   
Friday, 02 September 2011 20:56

Yes it has been quite a while since I updated the site. Before I add more content, in the next few weeks as I have time, I'll be upgrading the CMS first to a new version as this one is is no longer supported. Plain English, I'll be changing the look of the site Smile. I really like this sunrise with mickey mouse-ish ears theme but it won't work with the new version of the CMS Frown.

Slowly but surely...

Last Updated on Friday, 02 September 2011 21:15
Rosmina: Daddy, is [blank] not going to give me any presents?
Written by Santosh Bungay   
Monday, 13 December 2010 16:56

I almost died when I heard her say that. She goes on to say "Santa has a naughty list and a nice list. I hope I'm on the nice list.".

Then she tells me that "Santa didn't get her what she wanted" directed at the presents she got from Santa at our company kid's Christmas parties. I told her the presents he gives at the Christmas parties are supposed to be pre-Christmas Day surprises and something that he knows you will like. Santa has your wish list and he only gives one present from her wish list under the Christmas tree BUT (in a preemptive diffusion of "why did so and so get more presents from Santa") every year he randomly picks kids to give two or more wish list presents to but no one ever knows who - not even Santa - until Christmas Day. Her response: "I hope he brings me lots of presents under the Christmas tree!".

I still believe in Santa after all these years, I know I won't get presents from him any more because he's busy with the kids and I'm quite happy with that.

Santa has no religion, he does his best to get every child a present and most times something on their wish list but with the population as it's at, he needs help from everyone to help give a present on his behalf where they can. And this helps businesses as well cause they make lots of money from everyone who's helping - and everyone who helps all get on his Ultimate Nice List.

Awesome evil killer pumpkin carving for halloween by Lance Lasass! Must see!
Written by Santosh Bungay   
Sunday, 31 October 2010 19:24

This is an awesome display for halloween! I absolutely love it - I wish it was on our front lawn!

Lance Lasass an artist here in Calgary put it together and it definately would have won any pumpkin carving contest it had been entered in Sealed!

Awesome Evil Killer Pumpkin display by LanceLance Lasass!Awesome Evil Killer Pumpkin display by Lance Lasass

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